Cooking Glove Heat Insulating for Use with Hot Pots Vessels in Kitchen

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  • GET FLEXIBILITY, DEXTERITY AND SUPERBLY COMFORTABLE. This heat insulating cooking glove is much more flexible than bulky silicone oven mitts or cotton mitts and can be at home or outside in the kitchen when cooking, baking, or just to handle hot pots, pans, vessels and more. Makes it easier to handle pots and pans for someone with arthritis.
  • HEAT INSULATING COOKING GLOVE. This heat insulating kitchen glove is great as an oven mitt when you have to handle pans and utensils that are hot, or even when changing light bulbs.
  • AMBIDEXTROUS. FITS RIGHT OR LEFT HAND. The glove can be used in the kitchen by either left or right-handed people. The heat insulating glove is not a not fireproof or fire retardant glove, can charr and is to be kept away from open flames bar-b-que and fires.
  • BETTER THAN USING BARE HANDS. The heat insulating oven mitt glove is flexible and provides use of all five fingers for a firmer grip. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, for the oven, stovetop. Rather than using your bare hands, use the glove when in the kitchen, or when baking, or at a time you handle hot pots, pans and other vessels and utensils.   
  • THE OVEN MITT THAT FITS LIKE A GLOVE ON ALL FIVE FINGERS. The insulated work glove gives the safety and protection you need and deserve. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Get your heat insulating glove Now!

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