Expandable Travel Insert Handbag Organizer with 12 Pockets

Perfect Life Ideas

  • $8.77

STORE, ORGANIZE, KEEP CLUTTER FREE YOUR EVERYDAY ESSENTIAL AND COSMETICS IN ONE PLACE. Keep your cellphone, smartphone, credit cards, money, coins, tickets, keys, cosmetics, toiletry, make up Items, medicines, first aid items and other essential in this expandable travel insert handbag organizer for ladies, women, and girls, You can quickly and easily transfer into any purse, pocketbook, tote bag, handbag, or even travel bag, duffle bag or suitcase, instantly.

INSTANTLY TRANSFERS TO ANY BAG, PURSE, POCKETBOOK, TOTE BAG OF THE DAY AND SAVES TIME. Keep all your daily needed essentials organized and take them with you instantly anytime. End the hassle of sifting and sorting your daily essential to carry with you every time you change handbags. Instead just pick up this insert handbag organizer and shift it into the tote bag or purse for the day in an instant.

WITH HANDLES AND EXPANDABLE FOR EXTRA STORAGE WHEN NEEDED. With 13 small to large compartments, pockets, pouches this women's purse organizer insert for handbags, totes have 1 large pocket, 4 small pockets, 2 zipper pocket, and 6 mesh pockets. Perfect for holding cosmetics, toiletry, cell phone, cards, pens, keys, purse, make-up, and other essential items. Folded is 11.25" W x 6.75" H x 0.9" D and expands to 11.25" W x 6.75" H and 4.0" D when filled.

LIGHTWEIGHT, WASHABLE, AND EASY TO MAINTAIN. Made of durable nylon and needing very little care and maintenance. To clean just wash by hand or by machine and let air dry.

PROTECTS YOUR EXPENSIVE BAGS AND PURSES FROM DAMAGE. This travel insert handbag organizer will keep your cosmetics more securely and will prevent wear and tear of your more expensive purse, or tote bags. Keep your cosmetics and makeup items in this kangaroo insert liner hobo bag organizer and do not let an open lipstick or other loose cosmetic or makeup item destroy your expensive designer luxury handbags and purses.

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