Folding Serving TV Tray Table - Lightweight Laptop Stand Lap Desk

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  • $19.97

RECESSED CUP HOLDERS AND COMPARTMENTS WITH BEVELED EDGES SO DRINKS AND FOOD DOES NOT MOVE TOO MUCH. Folding Serving Tray Table has a top surface that has recessed cup holders and compartments total of 5 to make it ideal as a tv tray for eating in your favorite food, snacks, meals, drinks and dinners in your room, in bed, in the bedroom, in the hospital, on the floor, on the couch when watching tv or your favorite sports show, or even in the car when you travel.

GREAT FOR USE IN BED, IN THE WHEELCHAIR, ON THE FLOOR, ON THE COUCH OR IN THE CAR. Makes it ideal for children to do eat or do their favorite activity on the floor, car or vehicle. Perfect for use breakfast in bed tray, or as a food serving tray table for someone sick to have their snacks and meals in the bedroom. A blessing for someone who is unwell or hurt, and needs to remain in bed to have their snacks, food, and meals in the bedroom.

PORTABLE, FOLDING, LIGHTWEIGHT, LIGHT DUTY, COMPACT. Serving tray's compact folding design collapses for easy storage and transportation to take along anywhere. Folding tray table folds away to a compact size 19.5" W x 11" D x 2" H. Folding legs are snapped inwards to collapse and fold the tray table. To open tray snap or fold the legs outwards to open the serving tray. Size when open in inches is 19.5" W x 11" D x 8" H. When open the legroom width of the hospital bed tray is 17" Wide.

WITH EXTENDED EDGE HANDLES FOR EASY CARRYING. Folding tv tray has extended edges that help and make it easy to carry and lift the tray. Makes it easy when used as a tv tray or as a hospital bed tray.

IDEAL AS A LAPTOP DESK TABLE WHEN UNWELL. OR WANT TO WORK OR JUST RELAXING IN BED. Use the laptop lap tray table as a lap desk to place your laptop, iPad, tablet or smartphone on it and work while in bed or doing your work in bed or just surfing the net while relaxing in bed, or just checking your emails.

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