3 Pcs Pedicare System Set Pedicure Tools Kit Clean Foot Dead Skin

Perfect Life Ideas

  • $10.00

  • HAVE SOFT AND SMOOTH SKIN ON YOUR DRY FEET. 3 Piece Pedicure System Set of Pedicure Tools include a Pumice Stone, Emery File and Rasp File that help reduce calluses and cracked skin. Assorted Random Varied Colors. Colors will vary at random depending on production and availability at time of shipment.
  • ERGONOMIC SHAPED TO FIT COMFORTABLY IN THE PALM OF YOUR HANDS. These professional designed shaped pedicure tools are shaped to give you a comfortable grip in the palm of your hands without you feeling sore. Gentle and safe for both a professional and personal home pedicure and will leave you with Fancy smooth feet.
  • PERFECT PUMICE STONE PERFECT FOR SLOUGHING AWAY DRY SKIN. The porous and abrasive pumice stone helps to soften calloused skin using warm water to wet the stone, and then gently rubbing the stone over the area using circular motions until you remove the dead skin and have fresh new smoother skin.
  • EMERY FILE TO GIVE YOU PERFECT SHAPED NAILS. Use the emery file to file and shape your nails that you would normally get at a spa or salon.
  • ERGONOMIC RASP FILE FOR THAT OPTIMUM SMOOTH SKIN. Use the ergonomic rasp file to give you the comfort grip and remove the dry skin fast, easily and effectively.

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