Wiggle Seat Wobble Cushion for Chair - Inflated Wobble Ball Cushions

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GREAT EXERCISE WIGGLE SEAT CUSHION WHILE SITTING with the curved wobble cushion for chair that acts as a balance board cushion. Just place the inflated balance wobble disc trainer onto any chair, seat or bench to add balancing instability and allow yourself to IMPROVE YOUR BALANCE and CORE STRENGTH, muscle strength to RELIEVE NECK and BACK PAIN and joint stabilization to HELP YOU IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE. This stability disc cushion measures 13"/34cm diameter and 7cm/2.8” height.

PERFECT ALTERNATIVE SEATING FOR STUDENT AND ACTIVE KIDS. This flexible seating classroom cushion furniture is ideal for elementary, middle, or high school children, at home, or in a school classroom who are hyperactive as it allows them to have an outlet for their hyperness and release their energy while seated. Great for boys, girls, kids with ADHD, help them to stay seated focused for a longer time. Best in wiggle seats for sensory kids, the woggle wag giggle ball is a must-have.

IMPROVE BLOOD FLOW AND CIRCULATION WHILE SEATED. Wobble seat ball with textured massaging nodes on a curved surface. Smooth on one side, the other side has textured spiky nubs or nodes to gently massage your bottom and stimulate nerve endings. The round inflatable wobble disc with curved surfaces acts as a sensory seat to instinctively force you to mildly workout and do balance training while sitting anywhere - at home, office, school, classroom.

PERFECT FOR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL & HOME & OFFICE - Ideal for seated exercise and get core stability, body posture, and strength while sitting or doing seated exercises. Ideal for stability disc workouts, yoga, and physical therapy. Great wobble cushions for classroom or at home as ADHD sensory bumpy seat cushion for kids for hyper or ADHD kids allowing them to release excess energy while staying engaged and focused longer. INCLUDES SOME EXERCISE INSTRUCTIONS YOU CAN DO.

DURABLE & SAFE: This wobble cushion is strong enough to sit and stand on. It is made of eco-friendly professional grade PVC which is slip-resistant, so it support a weight up to 450 lb, working great as wiggle seats for sensory kids to help them stay still, discreetly balance disk used on your office chair to improve posture and help manage back, neck & hip pain or can be introduced into any workout exercise to strengthen the core, engage stabilizer muscles, aid in physical therapy.

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