Reusable Straws with Straw Cleaning Brushes BPA-Free Colorful Plastic

Perfect Life Ideas

  • $4.79

  • HELPS PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT. Our plastic reusable straws dishwasher safe can be used over and over again countless times. Use of these BPA free drinking straws reusable will mean that you will not need to use disposable straws that increase pollution in rivers and oceans and fill up landfills. By using one reusable straw for your favorite drinks you will save, protect and preserve the environment for your future generations.
  • SAY NO TO SINGLE-USE, DISPOSABLE PLASTIC STRAWS - On average, Americans use 1.6 non-recyclable plastic straws per person every day. As a nation, that's about 125 school buses full of plastic straws heading into a landfill each day. Reusable straws are a great alternative if using a straw is your preferred way to sip on a beverage. Our set also includes two straw cleaner brushes to keep your reusable straw clean.
  • WILL SHIFTING TO REUSABLE STRAWS REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Switching to a reusable straw will definitely reduce plastic waste. An alarming statistic says that: by weight, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. With other words, plastic straws have become environmental enemy number one. Plastic straws reusable taste neutral and are ideal for those who require a straw to drink from for medical reasons, for smoothies, juices and more.
  • NON-TOXIC, BPA FREE, FOOD GRADE REUSABLE DRINKING STRAWS. These chic reusable plastic straws for tumblers are made from FDA approved hard plastic in different random colors that are food grade, non-toxic with no metallic taste and no leaching so no harsh chemical leach into your system. Great for milkshakes, blended cocktails, and other thick drinks. Tastes or smells won't transfer between beverages.
  • EXTRA LONG STRAWS 10.5 INCHES. Each thick reusable straws for kids set includes a total of 8 re-usable straws BPA free that are each 10.5" long, making it easy to drink from tall glasses and cola bottles without having the reusable straws fall inside the bottle. They’re printed in bright colors, adding a festive look to adults and kids drinks or tall cocktails. Also shatter-resistant, so they should last a long time with proper care.

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