Pet Puppy Playpen Dog Kennel - Collapsible Folding Pets Playpen

Perfect Life Ideas

  • $34.97

DOG PET PEN POPS OPEN AND SETS UP INSTANTLY. NO ASSEMBLY NEEDED. Removable nylon and mesh zippered top provides instant and access to your dogs, puppies, doggies, cats, and pets. Measures 36" x 36" x 23" High when open is ideal for small and medium dogs, and larger puppies. Great for apartments, shared spaces, or in homes where space may be limited.

COLLAPSES AND FOLDS FLAT FOR STORAGE OR TRAVEL. Portable and lightweight the dog pen puppy playpen keeps your puppies, doggy, pets safe and secure. One of the safest among dog kennels and crates, Eight-panel sides with nylon and mesh provide just the right amount of lights, shade, and ventilation for your pets.

ZIPPERED MESH FRONT DOOR CAN BE CLOSED OR LEFT OPEN FOR PETS TO WALK IN OR OUT of their pet playpen, dog kennel, dog playpen, dog pen, and gives them a way to cross the dog playpen fence when mesh door is left open. The door can be opened and tied back with built-in hook and loop self-closures for your added convenience. You can leave your dog inside the pet pen cage unleashed for them to play inside the pet kennel tent play-pen.

WITH LOOPS ON BOTTOM FOR STAKING INTO GROUND OUTDOORS OR OUTSIDE IN THE YARD IF NECESSARY. Water resistant base. With loops on the bottom so you can stake the portable, collapsible dog crate, dog kennel, dog tent, dog enclosure, into the ground outside in your lawn, yard, or backyard. Great for Indoor and Outdoor use. Light in weight, compact when folder and portability make this ideal with easy mobility for traveling, camping, at picnics.

INDOOR OR OUTDOOR USE. Use the dog playpens indoor as a puppy pen, cat ten, pet fence, dog cage, dog fence indoor, puppy gate, dog playpen, dog pen indoor, dog kennels and crate for medium dogs, small dogs, or large puppies. As a pet pen, cat playpen, dog pens, dog enclosure, cat enclosure, small dog kennel, pet kennel, portable dog playpen, collapsible dog crate, pet cage, or for your puppy stuff indoors, inside your home or house or outdoors, outside in the lawn, yard, garden or backyard.

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