Bathtub Tray Caddy Shelf - Organic Bamboo Clawfoot Bath Tub Tray Caddy

Perfect Life Ideas

  • $38.87

FEELS LIKE YOU ARE AT THE SPA. Let’s be honest, bathtub borders don’t provide much space to bring all your favorites with you and hanging yourself over the tub to use your phone or IPad isn’t very comfortable. You can now relax and soak for a longer period of time without getting bored or worrying about dropping your phone or iPad into the water or where you’re going to put your glass of wine. The bamboo bathtub tray caddy is the perfect birthday present for your wife, mother or daughter!

BEST PURCHASE FOR SOME MUCH NEEDED MOM TIME. This wooden bath caddy tray for tub can handle all your needs for a mommy relaxing bath. Enjoy reading a book, listening to music and watching episodes of your favorite shows in your tablet while relaxing in the tub. It can accommodate a glass of wine, a candle or a nice cold glass of water with ease. The sturdiness of this bath caddy table for tub puts you at ease knowing that you do not have to worry about anything falling into the water.

NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. This clawfoot tub caddy is made from natural organic bamboo, being waterproof and very sturdy. The size of the bathtub caddy with wine and book holder is 29" long and it manually expands up to 43" and 9" edge to edge, so it can fit a wide range of bathtubs and Jacuzzi(wide, oversized rectangle or round). The sturdy & fool-proof design prevents the bathtub shelf across tub from sliding or skidding, making sure nothing can fall into the tub.

ULTIMATE RELAXATION GIFT FOR THE BATH LOVER! This bath shelf over tub makes your baths feel so much more luxurious! Not only is this is a beautiful, elegant addition to your tub, but it's also totally functional. Your wine, water, phone, book, and tablet all within arms reach. This was made for special days when only what you need is a bathtub with hot water, your favorite movie and a glass of wine. If you want to make your wife's bath so comfy, buy her this bathtub shelf tub caddy!

A MUST HAVE WIFEY STUFF. Do you love the idea of having a place for your book and phone, soap/washcloth and perhaps wine to relax while relaxing? This bamboo bathtub tray caddy looks really great and is exactly what you need for the bath. The teak bathtub caddy tray with bathtub shower wine glass holder will be perfect to hold a candle, your phone and a book or your iPad and a drink, not worrying about spilling it. The metal bar for the book or tablet can be removed or folded down.

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