Car Dashboard Coin Sunglasses Holder - Auto Dash Roll Up Organizer

Perfect Life Ideas

  • $9.97

PRACTICAL CAR COIN HOLDER! Roll up hidden organizer for auto, vehicle, truck, SUV, automobile, RV mobile home, and car dashboards holds coins, currency, money on car dashboard making it quick and easy to access money, coins, and change at toll booths. Allows you to saves time searching and looking for change inside car console pockets or storage spaces. One of the simplest yet best vehicle accessories, auto accessories, change holder organizer. Perfect auto dash coins storage box container.

BRILLIANT CAR KEY HOLDER! Holds car keys in a convenient space on the car, auto, truck, SUV, RV, mobile home, dashboard. Most modern cars and vehicles are keyless but still, you need to have a key in the car. Now you do not have to worry about keys falling out of your pocket into a gap between seat and center console which makes it hard and difficult to retrieve them quickly. Forget about keys slipping down between in the gap between your seat and center console.

FUNCTIONAL CAR SUNGLASS HOLDER FOR CAR! Keep your sunglasses, eyeglasses and other small items in this auto roll-up storage organizer right in front of you on your car or vehicle dashboard. Allows you to quickly access sunglasses when you are suddenly driving facing the sun and need to have your sunglasses on. One of the ideal accessories for car, is a cool car accessory, vehicles accessories. Unlike sunglass clips that allow dirt to collect on your sunglass, this sunglass storage case is covered

EXTREMELY EASY TO USE! Rolls up and down like a garage door to open or close and keep contents hidden when closed. Gives you the safety so you can keep your money and coins away from open plain sight and be hidden inside the roll-up organizer. Makes it an essential and auto accessory for your car, vehicle, truck, SUV, RV, mobile home. One of the best and cool gadgets, car gadgets accessories that may cause some envy among your friends.

INSTALL INSTANTLY WITHOUT ANY TOOLS! Quickly mount and install the coin holder for car, car change holder, sunglasses holder, eyeglass holder to your car, auto, vehicle dashboard with included stick-on tapes without any tools. Ensures you can do not need any extra tools to install faster and quicker than ever before. Measures 6.6 x 2.9 x 1.75 inches outside with storage space of 5.75 x 2.75 x 1.25 inches on the inside.

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