Christmas Wine Bottle Cover Decorations - Xmas Sweater Scarf with Hat

Perfect Life Ideas

  • $14.97

  • BRING EXCITEMENT AND FUN AT HOLIDAY PARTIES, CHRISTMAS PARTIES OR UGLY SWEATER PARTY during the Xmas season makes it easier to make your guests and friends laugh and have fun at your next Xmas party or ugly sweater gathering. INCLUDES 2 SETS FOR 2 WINE BOTTLES, one set with wine bottle SWEATER AND HAT and the other with wine bottle SCARF AND HAT. cozy clothes and covers, sweaters, scarves, hats, and caps. STYLES, PATTERNS, DESIGNS, COLORS WILL VARY AT RANDOM.
  • A PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY WINE LOVER AS IF IT CAME FROM SANTA CLAUS. The best in holiday gift ideas that resembles a decorative trophy like prize wine bottle accessory. Cozy clothes and covers, sweaters, scarves, hats, and caps. Perfect wine accessories gift or Christmas gift for anyone who is a wine lover or likes wine. Will inspire and bring smiles on your friends and guests as this is one of the best wine accessories you can give to anyone who likes wine.
  • FANTASTIC HOLIDAY PARTY DECORATION - KITCHEN DINING TABLE DECOR - UGLY SWEATER PARTY - CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENTS GIFT IDEA. One of the best in home decoration, Christmas decoration, cute kitchen table decoration ideas for any Christmas party or at ugly sweater parties delivers the key to make your friends remember your awesome Xmas party, holiday party or ugly sweater parties.
  • GREAT CONVERSATION STARTER AT UGLY SWEATER PARTIES, Christmas parties, holidays parties or any other get together or gathering. Makes a great way to get your conversation going and get your parties in high spirits and holiday cheer. Your friends, guests, and family will wonder and remember your innovating Christmas gift idea, and holiday party decoration and talk about it at the party and even after the party.
  • INCLUDES WINE BOTTLE COVERS AND CLOTHING FOR 2 BOTTLES. Includes wine accessory set for two wine bottles or even champagne bottles that are wine bottle size - one bottle will have with a knitted sweater with a knitted hat and the other bottle will have a knitted scarf and knit hat or bottle toppers cap. Styles, Designs, and Colors will vary at random. Fits standard size wine bottles. Ensures you can have a variety of colorful clothing and covers for your wine bottles.

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