Cordless BO Lamp Night Light - Motion Sensor LED Portable Lamp

Perfect Life Ideas

  • $17.97

  • NO WIRES OR SOCKETS NEEDED – This battery operated lamp will light your way even if you don’t have an outlet around. It has also a warmer light option, not just the harsh led white light, which means that you will not disturb other people sleep in the middle of the night. This cordless lamp small is one that satisfies all your needs, making it the ideal battery powered lamp for in the bedroom, living room, bathroom, on the hallway or even outside on the patio use!
  • IDEAL FOR KIDS AND ELDERLY PEOPLE TO PREVENT FALLS. Our small lamps have 3 setting modes for day/night/motion sensor. The battery operated lamps for tables or for living room will assure bright light with good range for motion activation. Also, the lamp battery operated night light can help your elderly mother or your child for bathroom or for bedroom use, so they don't have to search for the light switch.
  • HANG THE LAMP ON HIGH – As it is powered by 4 size C batteries (not included), you can use the LED battery lamp while camping, turn it into a lantern, and even hang it on your deck. The integrated upper metal hook offers portability and assures hanging possibility wherever you need the small bathroom lamp, being so lightweight and measuring only 9,5” x 6”.
  • GREAT TO HAVE ON HAND – This battery powered table desk lamp is perfect in areas where you don't have a convenient plug or you don't want a cord showing. This battery operated LED lamp has also a little motion sensor light which is ideal for conveniently lighting up a small space that you walk into. It's a plastic battery power lamp, including the lampshade, so don’t need to worry about falling off and break.
  • HAVING A LAMP FOR EMERGENCIES! You never know when you will lose power during a storm or a hurricane. So, these battery operated table lamps for the home can be the perfect back up for when power will go out. Even as a nursery lamp or around a diaper changing table, this smart lamp will definitely do the trick, being the perfect battery powered lamps for indoor and outdoor.

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