Digital Scales for Body Weight Scale -Accurate Digital Bathroom Scale

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  • STAYING IN SHAPE IS JUST A STEP AWAY - As soon as you step on the body weight scale, the numbers go up very accurately. There is a kg/lb switch on the back of the scale where you can set the weight unit type you prefer in kilograms or pounds. It’s compact and light and can be slid under almost anywhere, having only 1.25 inches thickness. Getting one of these bathroom scales digital weight will help you, no matter where you are on your fitness journey. Includes monthly weight measurement chart.
  • READY TO USE RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX - The dial from your old weighing scale is very small and hard to read, even in good lighting? The display of this smart weight digital bathroom scale is easily readable with large numbers, so you do not have to worry about squinting to see it. For best accuracy, please place the scale on a hard, flat surface, avoiding carpet or soft surface. Large 13.1" dia round design skid-proof transparent glass platform.
  • KEEPS YOU ON TRACK - Have you been needing an in-home small body scale weight for quite some time? The modern sleek digital scales for body weight design can complement just about any bathroom color or decor. Most people won't even notice it so it's not a glaring feature in your bathroom. Being made of glass makes it a lot easier to be wiped down and cleaned. This accurate bathroom scale works with One 3 V CR2032 Lithium battery included.
  • KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED TO STAY HEALTHY! The best way to be pain-free & medication free is to take control of your own health. A healthy diet, exercise & monitoring. These weight scales for people will do the calculations for you. No excuse not to stay fit. The 4 highly sensitive sensors of the digital scale bathroom with 400lbs/180kg capacity, measuring in increments of 1.1 lb./0.5 kg will complete your wellness quest. Just a simple, clear step towards a healthier lifestyle.
  • PROVIDE YEARS OF FITNESS TRACKING - These bathroom scales most accurate serve one function and that is to calculate your exact weight. There is nothing more motivating than jumping on the scale each morning and letting you know "Hey bud, good job. You are 0.4lbs lighter than you were yesterday morning." The tempered glass scale’s platform and round design provide safe measurement and exceptional sturdiness.

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