Folding Large Dog Pet Ramp-Portable Lightweight Indoor Outdoor Ramps

Perfect Life Ideas

  • $89.97

DON'T STRAIN YOUR BACK LIFTING YOU HEAVY LARGE PET, DOG or CAT into your high beds, couch, sofa, auto, truck, SUV, car, RV, automobile. IDEAL FOR SHORT LEGGED OR HEAVIER PETS AND DOGS. Use the sturdy ultra lightweight, yet heavy duty and wide bi-fold folding pet ramp to have him safely walk in your bedside, home, vehicle, car, boat, jeep trucks. The dog ramps for large dogs SUV, medium or small doggies, puppies are better than pet stairs, ladder and steps and more comfortable too.

YOUR DOG CAN NO LONGER or IS HAVING TROUBLE JUMPING IN BED, CAR, BOAT? you do not have to worry about it. And you do not have to pick her or him up. Folding pet dog ramp is pre-assembled for instant use. Also, LIGHTWEIGHT, IT WEIGHTS JUST 10 LBS BUT SUPPORTS UP TO 200 LBS. The bi-fold collapsible, foldable dog ramp folds quickly and easily to carry during your travel or just fits for storage in the back of your seat, under your bed, in the trunk of your car, auto, RV minivans or other vehicles.

IDEAL FOR HURT, INJURED, TIRED OR OLDER DOGS AND PETS that are recovering or hurt. GIVE THEM THE PAIN-FREE COMFORT they deserve and need during these times with the pet ramp for large dogs, high bed, pet loader, pet ramps for small dogs, ramp for cats. Use it as a dog ramp for a car, dog bed ramp, pet ramp for old dogs, dog ramp for truck, car ramp for dogs, dog ramp for SUV, pet car ramp, or anywhere else. Large size 62" long and 15" wide pet ramp best for large rooms, high beds, sofa, couches

NON SKID, ANTI SLIPPING SURFACE PROVIDES EXTRA SAFETY for your loved pets, dogs, cats, puppy. doggie or doggy. For added safety of your loving pets, dogs and cats, the surface of this heavy-duty plastic pet ramp have A NON SLIP TRACTION SURFACE for added safety. The dog ramp for tall beds, pet bed ramp, dog ramp for stairs, gives another option instead of pet steps, pet stairs, dog steps, or dog stairs and is perfect for dogs to get into a car, REDUCING TRAUMA TO DOGS WITH ARTHRITIS, DYSPLASIA.

PREVENTS INJURY AND REDUCES WEAR AND TEAR ON PETS JOINTS. Made of heavy duty plastic, the pet ramp for old dogs, pet ramp for trucks, dog bed ramp, ramp for dogs is perfect to use indoors, or outdoors, door, patio, or deck and is made to withstand the elements of weather for a longer time. Compact and portable, the foldable pet car ramp, small pet ramp, measure 62" Long 16" wide when open and folds down for storage under a bed, garage, or truck to just 31"Long x 16" Wide x 4" High.

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