Furniture Sliders Set of 8 Moving Pads Gliders Help Move Appliances

Perfect Life Ideas

  • $9.97
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  • EASILY MOVE DESKS, DRESSERS, REFRIGERATORS, COUCHES, NURSERY FURNITURE AND MORE with these heavy furniture moving sliders. Set of 8 - 4 Large glider discs for larger furniture and 4 Small Coaster Discs for smaller furniture.
  • DO NOT HURT YOUR BACK LIFTING FURNITURE. INSTEAD SLIDE FURNITURE and appliances safely across your floor without having to lift and carry.
  • FURNITURE PADS HAVE THICK FOAM THAT MOLDS TO OBJECT PLACED ON IT, so no adhesive is necessary to hold the furniture onto the slider discs. Perfect for sofas, desks, dressers, armoires, refrigerators, washers, dryers and more.
  • CURVED BEVELED EDGES WITH SMOOTH BOTTOM FURNITURE GLIDERS help glide and slide the furniture resting on them. Works on wood, carpet, tile and linoleum floors.

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