Gym Cooling Towels for Neck for Athletes - Neck Coolers Wraps Bandana

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  • $9.77

  • INSTANT COOLING WHEN YOU ARE HOT. Space age innovative PVA chamois cooling gym workout towel INSTANTLY CHILLS AND COOLS YOU DOWN when you sweat especially during workouts at the gym, during yoga, golf, tennis, basketball, volleyball, exercise routines like Crossfit, Pilates, Zumba or when running, hiking, jogging, cycling, camping or even at the beach. Cool chilling pad towel as cooling neck wrap bandana keeps you cool during indoor and outdoor activities, at the ball game or on the road.
  • SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE OVER AND OVER AGAIN. The neck coolers for hot weather are easily used by simply soaking in water, wringing and placing it around the neck or another area that will instantly give you comfort and keeps you cooler. The sports towel will keep you cooler and can be used by men, women, children, adults, seniors. Do not sweat anymore, just use this chill pad, chill pal, cooling neck scarf stay cool towel over and over again. Use it like a bandana, scarf, headband, neck wrap, o
  • SUPER ABSORBENT, SOFT, COMFORTABLE NECK WRAP TOWEL. Plastic Travel & Storage Case Included. Technologically advanced modern PVA material retains moisture to keep you cool wrap when you are sweaty and hot. Will remain moist and cool for a long time. The cooling sweat rag is packed in its own plastic case makes it portable and compact to fit into any bag, pocketbook, gym bag, backpack or in the glove compartment of your auto. Size 26" x 17".
  • NO REFRIGERATION NEEDED. JUST USE WATER. These cool rags for neck will "chill" away from your sweat during and after hard work or strenuous activities. When activated the cooling cloth temperature will drop up to 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature and cooling action lasts for hours. Simply wet the best cooling towel to soften and use. When dry and hard, simply re-wet, wring and re-use. Great for hot, humid days when the heat is high due to the sun, and the weather is warm.
  • 100% LIFETIME SATISFACTION MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!! What more can you ask for this cool neck wraps for hot temperatures that have a great many uses! Sports, exercising, outdoor activities, respiratory relief, cooling sunburns, hot flashes, fever relief, cold therapy, and much more. Be Cool and get the #1 COOLEST Cooling Towel so you do not get hot anymore.

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