Lost Key Finder Locator Tracker device -Electronic RF Item Finding Set

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  • $14.97

  • NO MORE WASTING TIME LOCATING OR FINDING LOST OR MISPLACED KEYS, REMOTE CONTROLS, BAGS, LUGGAGE, OR OTHER DEVICES. Just use the find my keys device, to find lost or misplaced keys, keyrings, key chains, remote control units, wallets, or other object and devices instantly. The tracking device key finder locator is a tracker device, like a gps tracker is an electronic key finder set of an 1 rf transmitter and 2color coded key fob receivers. Transmitter use 2 "AAA" batteries (not included).
  • GREAT TO USE IT COLLARS OF PETS TO TRACK AND LOCATE YOUR PET DOGS, CATS. Attach a key finder, tracker device, tracking device, key finder locator,personal key tracker to the collar of your dog when taking the dog for a walk, and use it as a pet tracker, dog tracker, pet finder, dog finder, cat finder to keep track of your puppy, dog or cat withing a range of 30 feet. The effective range of the dog tracker tracking device is 30 feet, so please make sure that the dog or pet is that range.
  • GREAT FOR FIND YOUR LUGGAGE WHEN TRAVELLING AT AIRPORTS EASY AND SIMPLE TO US USE INSTANTLY. Just attach one of the key fobs to any luggage, carry-on, bag, or briefcase. Use the bag tracker, luggage tracker to locate and find you luggage quick and easy at airports, train stations bus stations, or in group tours quick and easy. To locate the device attached to one of the colored tile key fobs, simply push the color of the key fob on the remote and the corresponding key fob will begin to chirp.
  • SAVE FRUSTRATION AND ANXIETY WHEN LOOKING FOR MISPLACED KEYS, REMOTE CONTROL UNITS, CELLPHONES, WALLETS. No more getting frustration and being anxious, angry or mad when you cannot find keys or remote controls. Have the pleasure and comfort of knowing that you can use your lost keys finder to find lost keys. Never lose time looking for misplaced keys and other items with key finders. The keyfinder tracking device for keys will find the location of missing car, auto, vehicle, house, office keys.
  • USE IT ON OTHER PORTABLE DEVICES FOR TRACKING AND LOCATING THEM QUICK AND EASY. Attach a key fob receive to your wallet, phone, keychain, bag, pocketbook, briefcase, purse, cellphone, camera, jacket or other device. Use it as a wallet finder, car key locator, key tracker, lost key locator, key chain finder, car key finder in the house or home. Attach the radio frequency key fob locators to any gadget, luggage. Multi-use key locator can be used as a phone finder, find my keys device and more.

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