Mini Desktop Basketball Game Classic Miniature Basket Ball Shootout

Perfect Life Ideas

  • $9.98

DEVELOP YOUR SKILLS AND HAVE FUN AT THE SAME TIME with this classic arcade game as mini desktop basketball game shootout toy that can be played anytime or anywhere on a desktop, tabletop, dining table, countertop. Improve your hand and eye coordination and show off to your friends!

ARCADE ACTION AT HOME - Perfect for kids or adults and everyone in the family at home, office or party time. Let your kids have a great time with this basketball shooting game at the next birthday party.

NO BATTERIES OR POWER NEEDED. This mechanical sports toy game needs no batteries and works on static and kinetic energy using a spring to store energy when compressed and change to kinetic energy when released to shoot the ball into the hoop to win. Challenge a friend to play and Slam Dunk It. Size of the game is approximately 12.0 H x 5.0 W x 3.0 D inches. Ball size if 1.5 inches in Diameter.

GREAT FOR STRESS RELIEF AT THE OFFICE - Bring the fast action of arcade games right onto your tabletop or desktop. Reduce tension and relieve your stress at the same time. Easy to set up with light assembly.


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