Misting Fan Spray Water Bottle Handheld Personal Mist Desk Fan

Perfect Life Ideas

  • $8.78

EXTRA WIDE OPENING TO ADD ICE CUBES. The deluxe misting bottle with battery operated fan is ingeniously designed with a larger opening to add water easily and even add ice cubes inside the water to provide extra facial cooling fine mist spray during those warm, hot sweaty days when you need to cool off and need some extra cooling. Great when you are doing any outdoor activity, working in the yard, garden, barbecue, or sports activity, events.
HUMIDIFYING FINE MIST FAN SPRAY BOTTLE DOUBLES AS A TABLE TOP OR HANDHELD FAN. Battery operated mist spray bottle with fan has a wide base to help stand firmly on its base. Used as the handheld fan or tabletop fan at a table or desk in the office or home indoors. Can even be used as a portable fan, personal fan, hand held fan, or portable humidifier to help cool off when traveling in the car or on the go, or just walking, or working outdoors. Runs on two INCLUDED AA size batteries.
PERFECT FOR LAWN MOVING, GARDENING, HIKING, CAMPING, BIKING, WALKING, RUNNING, JOGGING, FISHING, AND MORE. Have it with you when you are outside in warm weather doing lawn mowing, gardening, hiking, camping, biking, fishing, running, jogging, walking, at the beach or just relaxing outdoors anywhere, and need to some extra facial hydration, or just breeze, or body water misty spray for cooling with the fine mist fan humidifier water spray bottle.
SAFE TO USE - SOFT FLEXIBLE FAN BLADES AERODYNAMICALLY DESIGNED FOR OPTIMUM AIRFLOW AND POWER SPRAY. The water cooling spray water bottle with misting fan sprayer has fan blades that are made from space age material that is soft and flexible for added safety, yet holds it a shape that is aerodynamically designed to model after aircraft propellers to give you the powerful thin fine mist to keep you cool and relax a little more. Great for any person, kid, boy, girl, teen, adult, or seniors.
ERGONOMIC DESIGNED TO HOLD IN HAND. BATTERY OPERATION MAKES IT PORTABLE AND PERSONAL. A fan can be operated for a continuous cooling breeze and air flow making it one of the best in personal fans and portable fans. The mist spray bottle is designed to hold in one hand. Battery power makes it easy to carry and travel everywhere. Keep one in your car, auto, truck, SUV or another vehicle. Colors will vary at random and may be different from images, depending on production and availability at shipping time.