Motion Sensor UFO Helicopter Mini LED Disco Orb Interactive Toy

Perfect Life Ideas

  • $9.77

RANDOMLY FLOATS, HOVERS AND BOBBLES AROUND. The disco orb will randomly float, hover and bobble around, and the challenge is to control the disco orb micro copter helicopter with your hand or other flat surface or object, otherwise, it will hover and randomly bobble around the room. Use Indoors in open spaces. Keep ceiling fans off when using. Parental control should be used. Do not use around babies, young children, and pets. Care and caution are to be taken to keep away from face, eyes, and body.

CHALLENGE YOURSELF TO CONTROL IT LIKE A MAGICIAN and magically elevate and keep flying using your hands, book or any flat surface as an RC remote control toy ufo helicopter. Motion sensing technology using a built-in height sensor into the bottom of the UFO ball orb that will make it automatically sense any object like a hand, book or flat surface to hover above and scoot away from it. Make it appear as if you are using mind control to elevate and fly the drone.

NOTE THAT IT SHUTS OFF WHEN IT CRASHES. YOU MUST RESTART BY TURNING IT OFF AND THEN BACK ON. YOU MUST TURN IT OFF AND THEN TURN IT BACK ON TO RE-START IT. Use it indoors in open areas only, without ceiling fans running. When it crashes against an object or wall it will fall and shut off. Restart it by turning the ON-OFF button on the underside OFF and then ON to turn it on, hold the ball from the side and let go. If any of the propellers come off or are dislodged, just pop it back on.

INCLUDES RECHARGEABLE BATTERY AND USB CHARGING CABLE. Included USB charging cable 42 inches long to recharge the toy helicopter ufo by plugging one end on the underside of the disco ball and the other side to any USB outlet of a laptop, computer, or even any electric USB wall outlet that you normally use to charge your cell phone or smartphone. Charging time 40 minutes to an hour. Flight time on a full charge is approximately 6-8 minutes. Recharge when it slows down, descends or stops.

BUILT-IN COLORFUL LED LIGHTS GIVE IT FLYING UFO LOOK especially in a darkened room. The colored LED lights will give it that awesome mysterious flying UFO feeling and effect The colorful LED will also make a darkened room like the look a disco party and light up the walls. The interactive flying disco ufo ball toy that looks like a radio-controlled helicopter will magically float and rise above your hand or any other object under it and bobble around the room for lots of fun and entertainment.

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