Office Chair, Car, Wheelchair Memory Foam Seat Cushion Pillow

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DO YOU SPEND A LOT OF TIME SITTING ON A CHAIR? This memory foam seat cushion is very comfortable for sitting on the office chair, wheelchair or in the car seat long periods of time, it is like sitting on some clouds but firmly supporting your coccyx back, hip and spine and it takes back to it's original shape when you get up! The butt pillow is a blessing for people hurting and provides blessed relief when you need it the most.

DEFINITELY A MUST HAVE IF YOU HAVE arthritis, sciatica, lower back or herniated discs, tailbone injuries, scoliosis, hemorrhoids or any other spine or hip pain, recovering from birth or intestinal surgery. The egg sitter cushion measures 17.7" x 13.7" x 2.8" inches, that gives you the advantage of taking it everywhere with you: on car trips, to school, church, the doctor, in front of your computer, in your truck.

BUY THIS AS A GIFT FOR YOUR MOM or truck driver husband, they will be very happy and pain relieved after sitting on it, making such a difference in their life! This donut pillow for tailbone pain allows for the tail bone to not be pressed, making hard chairs more comfortable and soft chairs even softer giving your muscles a break. We recommend to be used like in the picture, with the opening in the back.

THIS SCIATICA PILLOW FOR SITTING MAKES SITTING LESS PAINFUL The memory foam quickly molds to you body’s contours, providing support in just the right places, easing the pressure and relieving most of the pain and assuring softness with the soft plush comforting velvety material. Machine-washable velour cover comes in 3 colors: blue, grey and black and it’s zippered for EASY CLEANING.

GREAT FOR TRAVELLING - JUST WHAT YOU NEEDED this coccyx seat cushion will be the best cushion you have ever used, now you will be able to get out of your chair without grimacing! Your lower back and hips will be feeling much better after using this butt pillow! And it doesn’t squash down too much, even if you’re be using it for hours. Try it now and enjoy the feeling!

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