Puppy Dog Potty Training Patch Indoor Potty Trainer Pad for Puppies

Perfect Life Ideas

  • $52.77

  • PUPPY DOG POTTY PATCH MAKES DOG HOUSEBREAKING EASIER. Indoor puppy dog pet potty training patch made of a synthetic surface that is similar to grass
  • UNIQUE 3 PART DESIGN. Three-part design has synthetic plastic grass patch on top that is similar to grass. With the middle part plastic insert that allows the liquid to drain to a durable collection bottom part tray. System odor resistant mat plastic insert which allows the liquid to drain durable collection tray "
  • SIMPLE AND QUICK ASSEMBLY WITH EASY MESS FREE CLEAN UP. Set up is instant, simple, quick and easy. Non-toxic and easy to clean. Simply rinse with soap and water.
  • GREAT FOR APARTMENTS, INDOORS, OUTDOORS, PATIOS, SUNROOMS, AND BALCONIES. It large size 30" L x 20" W x 1.25" H makes it ideal for most dogs and puppies and is portable to place it almost anywhere indoors, outdoors, patios, sunrooms, balconies, especially in apartments.
  • IDEAL FOR HOUSEBREAKING YOUR PUPPY DOG. Portable and easy to clean, this puppy dog potty patch makes housebreaking potty training for puppies easier.

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