Seat Back Car Tray - Plastic Foldable Behind The Seat Car Organizer

Perfect Life Ideas

  • $12.77

  • FORGET THE CAR MESS USING THIS BACK OF SEAT CAR ORGANIZER - This behind the seat car organizer is the best thing for in the car! It is not only useful for eating, but your kids can also use the car table all the time - from toys, your tablet, electronic handheld game or cell phone, to a very long 4 days car trip. They are very durable and easy to clean, being perfect and really handy for long car trips! The car tray table takes up almost zero space when folded.
  • DESIGNED TO OFFER CONVENIENCE FOR PEOPLE ON THE GO. This car seat food tray for cars really helps organize small things and food products. Great for trips as happy meals fit right on the over the seat car organizer and the kids can eat and drink without making a mess. This behind seat car organizer also works great for both kids and adults, making a great gift for your loved ones from all the various auto seat organizers.
  • MAKING ON THE ROAD MEALS SO MUCH EASIER AND LESS MESSY! It's perfect for the moments when you or your kids have to eat in the car for a road trip or running around. Our food tray for car gives you more freedom from having to hand snacks over during car trips as there is a decent amount of space for everything! Installing the car rear seat organizer snack tray takes just a minute - simply hook it with the included 46-inch adjustable strap onto the back of the car seat and adjust for a snug fit.
  • ARE YOU TIRED OF YOUR BACKSEAT BEING A CONSTANT MESS from the menagerie of nuggets and fries spilled everywhere? These auto backseat organizer car trays for adults are super easy to install and have space for everything so the kids don't have to juggle nuggets, sauce, fries, drinks, or any other snacks. When not in use, the car seat caddy organizer folds up flat and out of the way to only 12.5 x 7.7 x 1.25 Inches.
  • ALL THE STUFF YOU NEED RIGHT WITHIN YOUR REACH! We all know how kids are these days...they have a lot of gear, cells, party snacks, tablet, drinks, etc. With this new car caddy organizer back seat, they just have to sit comfortably while traveling and reach their stuff at any moment. The auto seat organizer mainly serves as a food tray and a drink holder for behind the seat organizer, but kids can also use this back seat tray to hold their tablet while watching movies. or play handheld games.

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