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WOW, YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY WITH THIS unique musical instrument for adults, kids, teens, seniors, men, women that are sometimes called hapi bam sheet rain lightning thunder tube that makes the sound of thunder just by shaking it. The thunder tube is hollow at one end, and at the other end has a drum membrane with a metal spring attached to the membrane. Just shaking the drum make the sound of thunder and you vary the sound by changing the speed of the shake that is controlled by the shaker

ENJOY THE THRILL AND EXCITEMENT OF WATCHING YOUR CHILDREN DO MAGIC THUNDER SOUNDS at the next birthday party, event, or social gathering. Take pride in seeing them make amazing sounds with the classic sound tube, thunder tube, like the sounds of a percussion thunder that people think is a gong or a didjeridoo. The thunder drum makes a rumbling sound like real thunder that is amusing, exciting and fun at the same time. - COLORS WILL VARY FROM ASSORTED RANDOM COLORS.

HOW IT WORKS USING SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING. The toy sound tube noisemaker is a hollow tube open at on end and at the other end is a skin membrane similar to the drums on musical instruments The skinny membrane has one end of a metal coil spring attached to it and depending on the speed, intensity of how you shake the thunder maker tube, the membrane vibrates and reverberates making reverberations and sounds like real thunder that will mystify and amaze you, your family and friends.

READY TO USE INSTANTLY, NO BATTERIES REQUIRED. Small and compact just 2.3" inches in diameter, and about 7" long will fit in any hand of a boy, girl, toddler, kid, child, teen, man, women or adult. Suitable for adults, seniors, teenagers, children, kids, boys, and girls. Sound tube noise maker, magic thunder maker, sound tube, thunder tube, thunder drum, spring drum, thunder maker, that one would think is a unique musical instrument toy from the amount the most unique toys,

TRY IT AND YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT YOU SEE AND HEAR. LONG LASTING, DURABLE, SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES as a trick, joke, novelty toy or as a unique musical instrument. The thunderstick, spring drum is durable to keep you, your family and friends amused and entertained for a long long time.

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