Strong Fiberglass-Window and Door Screen Repair Patches 6 Pcs Set


  • $6.98
  • Save $3

  •  MULTIPLE USES - USE ON WINDOW SCREENS, SCREEN DORS, TENT REPAIRS, POOL SKIMMERS, THIN MESHES.Repair and Fix tears, rips and holes on damaged screens of doors, windows, tents, pools skimmers, nets, thin meshes at home, office, or outdoors quick and easy with this self-adhesive screen repair tape that you can cut the size you want to fix and repair mesh screen tears, holes, and damaged parts. Set of 6 Patches includes Four 1.87 x 1.87 inch patches and Two 1.87 x 3.87 inch patches.
  • STRONG FIBERGLASS MATERIAL - MULTI-LAYER CONSTRUCTION. INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED. Fiberglass material is strong and holds up well against snow, wind, rain and the elements and wind. Easy and simple step by step instructions included on the back of the packaging.
  • SAVES MONEY. NO NEED TO REPLACE EXPENSIVE WHOLE SCREENS, TENTS, POOL SKIMMERS, OTHER MESHED PRODUCTS. Will save you money by eliminating the need to buy expensive and costly replacement screens and products.
  • MUST HAVE CAMPING ACCESSORY - USE ON ANY TYPE OF SCREEN. A perfect accessory to have when camping on tents as an emergency repair kit to fix, repair and mends tears, holes on tents. Helps in stopping intruding insects and flies from entering your tents outdoors or through windows and door screens at home. Use it on any type of screen, on patio doors, deck doors, home window screens, door screens, sunroom door window screens, even tents when camping and much more!
  • SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE - JUST USE WHOLE PATCH OR CUST TO SIZE NEEDED TO PATCH AND REPAIR. Patch, repair, mend, and fix tears, rips, holes on damages screens of doors, windows, on patios, decks, at home, office, garage, workspaces, including pool skimmers, tents, nets and thin mesh indoors or outdoors, or any other property with the provided simple and easy instructions on the back of the package. Use appropriately sized patch depending on the size of the rip, or even cut the patch to the size needed.


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