Tee Shirt Organizer Clothing Dividers - 10 Pack Stackable T Shirt, Document Organizer, Clothes Storage Travel Holders Organizers for Closet Organization -Pull Out T-shirts Without Messing Other Clothes

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STORE, ORGANIZE, SEARCH AND PICK YOUR T-SHIRT QUICK AND EASY WITHOUT MESSING UP THE OTHER SHIRTS. The Tee-Shirt organizer divides and stacks your T-shirts one on top of the other separately on the dividers so that when lifting the divider you can easily pick and pull out the one you need without disturbing, or messing up the stack of the remaining Tshirts. Provides organization, visibility and quick, easy access to any t-shirt in the stack. Makes it easy to sort and stack and get what you want.

EXTRA LIGHTWEIGHT, EXTRA THIN, SLIM AND FLEXIBLE SHIRT ORGANIZER DOUBLES AS A DOCUMENT ORGANIZER OR FOLDER ORGANIZER FOR YOUR HOME OR OFFICE. Use the stackable divider trays as a file folder organizer at your home or office to store, sort and stack important papers, letters, bills, household receipts, warranties, and other documents in order of priority or necessity as you desire. The stack will look clean, neat and tidy and use only a little space on your desk, table or even a closet shelf.

PLEASE CHECK SIZE OF YOUR STORAGE AREA AS THIS IS A LARGE SIZE 13.6" inches x 11.6" HELPS PERFECTLY FOLD YOUR SHIRTS AND T-SHIRTS TO THE SAME SIZE EVERY TIME. Use the tee shirt organizer as a t-shirt folder, shirt folder by using the t-shirt dividing trays as a folding guide, folding pattern to perfectly fold tee shirts to the same size every time like magic. This clothes organizer, t-shirt organizer, closet organizer storage system, T-shirt folding guide will make your work easier.

SPACE SAVER, CLOTHING ORGANIZER, STACKABLE CLOSET STORAGE system uses very little space as the closet dividers for T-shirts are made or clear, thin flexible trays that stack on top of each other and each is sized 13.6" inches x 11.6" approximately. Pack of 10 is ample as your clothes organizer, shirt organizer, t-shirt organizer needs.

GREAT FOR TRAVEL AND DORM ROOMS. NEVER PACK AND UNPACK. JUST CARRY THE STACK FROM CLOSET TO BAG OR SUITCASE. The portable closet organization system is compact, small and portable and makes it a great organized travel accessory as you do not need to pack or unpack your t-shirts or shirts. Just put your clothing choices in the stack and carry the whole stacked closet storage system in your luggage bag. Will also keep your shirts from being crumpled when traveling. Perfect for college students.