Mens Womens Travel Grooming Kit - Compact Personal 6 Pcs Tools Set

Perfect Life Ideas

  • $8.97

  • MALE FEMALE 6 PIECE SMALL TRAVEL GROOMING TOOLS KIT IN ATTRACTIVE PRINTED METAL GIFT BOX ideal for personal grooming of facial beard, body hair, mustache, nails for self manicure and pedicure when on the go or at home. Perfect for men, women, kids, adults, children, seniors, travelers, or anyone traveling.
  • 6 PIECE SET INCLUDES PURE ESSENTIALS AND BEST ACCESSORIES TOOLS KIT THAT ONE MUST HAVE FOR USE ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. Cordless and no electric tools included in the toolset are a toothbrush that stores in its own closed plastic cover to remain clean and hygienic, a hair comb to brush your hair, stainless steel nail clipper to be used as a nails trimmer or groom you hand, toenails, foot nails, a nail file, a scissor to trim and cut your face beard facial hair, and a tweezer to for eyebrows.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, COMPACT, EASY TO CARRY IN A PURSE, POCKETBOOK, BAG OR BRIEFCASE. It small mini size metal gift box just 5.0 x 3.6 x 1.6 inches in size makes it convenient to have with you all the time. Makes one of the best grooming supplies multi tool kit among that has the basic essentials one need to be a professional self groomer at home, office, or during travel.
  • MULTI GROOMING SUPPLIES TOOLS KIT Includes Toothbrush. Comb, Stainless Steel Manicure Nail Clipper, File, Scissors, Tweezers - all the essentials that one needs when on the go or at the office to get groomed up and trimmed up in a hurry, but yet in a convenient and simple way. Has everything that one may need when you need to freshen up and look you best at the office or work, or even after work at the office.
  • FULL COLOR PRINTED METAL GIFT BOX MAKES A GREAT GIFT AND LASTS A LIFETIME. The complete grooming tools kit is packed in an attractive printed metal gift box that set is designed to last a lifetime and makes it the best gift to give any man, woman, teenager, adult, senior or someone who is traveling, or goes to parties, dinners, meeting from the office.

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