Vibrating Massage Roll Pillow for Neck Back Arms Electric BO Cushion

Perfect Life Ideas

  • $19.98

RELAX AND LET THE STRESS ROLL AWAY with the massaging roll pillow with soft plus material that will bring comfort and relaxation to a neck, head, shoulder and give you maximum comfort and added support with its vibrating massage action.

EASY TO CARRY AND TRANSPORT. Its compact size 10 inches long and 5 inches in dia is comfortable to hold and carry with you in a bag, pocketbook when you travel. your. Travel in comfort with the vibrating neck massage pillow that gently massages your neck, shoulders, back, arms legs and any part of your body with the press of a button. Perfect travel pillow for your home, office or travel in a car, airplane, plane, truck, SUV or any vehicle.

USE ON NECK, ARMS, LEGS, HEAD, BACK AND ANY PART OF YOUR BODY. Soft and comfortable to use on neck, arms, legs, head, back and any part of your body to help you sleep, relax and soothe tired and aching muscles and body. Use as a pulsating lumbar pillow at home, office or during travel.

USE AS A THROW PILLOW, COUCH CUSHION OR TOSS PILLOW. With multiple uses as a throw pillow, couch cushion, toss pillow, or as a décor pillow in your home, office or car, auto or vehicle.

COLORS WILL VARY AT RANDOM. CORDLESS BATTERY OPERATED. NO WIRES OR ELECTRICAL CORDS NEEDED. As the factory produces only one color during a production run, color shipped will vary at random depending on availability between Grey, Blue or Beige, and as such, there is no choice of colors. This unit work on batteries installed in the correct direction. Battery Operated, Requires 2 “AA” size batteries (not included). Size 10 inches long and 5 inches in dia.

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